Update: Stephen Miller is Still a Bald, Racist Cunt

When one thinks back on the four year diarrhea buffet that was the Trump administration, it’s hard not to, at some point, think about his most diarrhea-tastic adviser — Stephen Miller. Of course, some might know Mr. Miller by his more commonly referred to name — “Fuckface Nazi.” Regardless of which name you prefer to call him, Miller was also scientifically certified a “bald, racist cunt” by several doctors back in 2018.

A newly updated study on Miller shows that he is still a bald, racist cunt.

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“To be perfectly frank with you,” Dr. Benson Hornaydieux of the National Institute of Sussing Out Cunts told us, “I was genuinely hoping I’d never have to do another study on Mr. Miller once his asshole bully boss was voted out. However, since Fuckface Nazi seems to want to keep having a public opinion on things, obviously my work in that regard may never be complete.”

Dr. Hornaydieux explained that it’s becoming easier and easier to verify Miller’s status as a bald, racist cunt.

“He doesn’t spray paint his hair on anymore, and every time he opens his mouth he reminds of what a pluperfectly racist cunt he is,” Hornaydieux said. “For instance, just last night that pile of fermented dog shit told Laura Ingraham that Biden’s immigration policies are inhumane and cruel! That is the stuff of cunts, let me tell you.”

Hornaydieux said that Miller’s appearance on Ingraham’s show not only confirmed his bald, racist cunt status; it meant that, scientifically speaking, Hornaydieux could slap another label on Miller.

“I guess we need to update our records to reflect that he’s officially a bald, racist cunt hypocrite,” Dr. Hornaydieux suggested. “For accuracy’s sake, we need to keep our charts complete.”

Watch a clip from Miller’s appearance on Ingraham’s show, below.

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