QAnon Shaman and MAGA Bomber Vouch for Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Sanity

Despite all outward appearances and her own words and actions, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) is not insane. That’s at least according to two people who both call themselves good friends and supporters of Greene’s.

“Oh, I wouldn’t call Marge crazy at all! I think, out of everyone in the world, she acts the most un-crazy,” Caesar Sayoc, the so-called “MAGA Bomber” told us via Skype. “When I think of people who I would model my behavior on, Marge is at the tippy-top of that list. She’s got a real explosive personality that I just love so much.”

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Sayoc conceded, though, that perhaps if Greene did some things differently, her reputation as a “wacky horse faced cave troll attention whore” might lessen quite a bit.

“I mean, I think she should do some things that really prove her level of sanity,” Sayoc explained. “Like maybe plastering the door to her office in Trump stuff and, I don’t know, mailing bombs to prominent Democrats, but still, I don’t get this idea that she’s crazy.”

The world knows Jake Angeli best as the “QAnon Shaman.” Jake was featured in the recent Borat sequel, as well as an HBO docuseries on QAnon. Jake also was one of the most easily identifiable people arrested for participating in the January 6th failed coup attempt. When we spoke to Angeli via a prison pen pal program, he wrote to us and said he agreed with Sayoc’s interpretation of Greene’s mental health state.

“As someone currently sitting in jail directly because I went whole-hog, all-in, balls deep on the exact same kinds of conspiracy theories and extreme rhetoric Margo peddles and wallows in,” Angeli wrote, “I can totally vouch for her sanity. She’s bigly sane. Some people say she’s the most sane person in the MAGA movement. Q told me once that she’s one of the chosen ones and he chose her because of how, you know, not at all crazy she is.”

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