8 out of 10 Klan Members Think Tucker Carlson’s a Little Too Proud of His Racism

A new poll in Crosslight Monthly, a magazine written by and for members of the Ku Klux Klan shows that roughly 80% of respondents think Tucker Carlson is a “little too proud” of being a racist. The poll was featured in article titled, Is There Such a Thing as Being Too Racist? and it also contains interviews with prominent members of the klan who give their opinions on the matter. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the poll results, quite a few of the men quoted in the article seem to think that the Fox News host is, indeed, too open and proud about his racism.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think Tucker is generally a very good spokesperson for the white supremacy movement, and Mayo Americans in general,” Grand Dragon Matt Palumbo told Crosslight, “But, well, he’s SO open about it that he keeps drawing a lot of media heat. And that heat means people start paying attention to his words more carefully, which makes his dog whistles even harder to get over everyone’s head, because they’re keyed up for it.”

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Bill Dickerdolldildo, who is both a klansman and the social media director for The Washington Examiner, said he can believe the poll numbers. Carlson is a “smart, erudite racist,” and Dickerdolldildo says that’s a “good thing.” However, he also said that American racism and white supremacy has largely depended on “keeping racist rhetoric to a dull roar,” and “more subtle forms of racist ideology” in general. Carlson threatens to “make everyone take off their hoods” by being quite so out in the open with his racism.

“Sometimes I don’t get why he doesn’t just share an article from The Heritage Foundation or Federalist instead of just going out there, talking openly about the replacement theory,” Dickerdolldildo bemoaned. “As much as we won’t let Jews, or non-white people for that matter, replace us, I wish Tucker would be more covert than overt. The intelligentsia and media elite are as onto him as they are about Stephen Miller’s spray can hair, and both are devastating for the white power movement.”

Carlson has yet to opine on his show about the poll.

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