That Time When Obama Suggested Delaying the Election and Republicans Were All Like, “Cool.”

This morning, shocking absolutely no one really, President Donald Trump — flagging in the polls and still flailing mightily at an attempt to actually lead the nation during concurrent health and economic crises — finally floated an idea many believed he was harboring anyway.

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Delaying the general election.

It’s not surprising that President Trump has suggested this, given his historic ego the fact that poll after poll shows him losing. There are even some states that have been Republican strongholds for decades that are starting to show signs of tipping back the other way, if not completely toppling over. To be this close to the election with Arizona, Georgia, Texas, and Florida all in play for the Democrats is likely part of the reason that Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting — something he, his vice-president, his press secretary, and attorney all have done and regularly do — and his suggestion of perhaps delaying the election.

While the president lacks the legal authority under the Constitution to do such a thing, such norms and restrictions have yet to give Donald Trump any pause. He wasn’t supposed to ask foreign countries for help getting elected or re-elected, either. However, before left-leaning — or even moderate — Americans get their panties too tightly wound over the sitting U.S. president suggesting he has powers he does not have to stop the election that the country was literally founded on having, they should keep something in mind.

Obama did it, too. And when he suggested delaying the election, Republicans all looked at one another, shrugged, and said, “Cool.” But we can’t blame you if you don’t remember this happening.

Perhaps readers don’t remember this happening because it didn’t happen, but let’s pretend it did, just for the sake of you continuing to read this. Let’s imagine a scenario in which, President Barack Obama, trailing mightily in every publicly-available poll and watching the country’s economy crater during one of the worst threats to our national health and safety in our nation’s history, started attacking mail-in voting, which millions of Americans use to cast their ballots in every single election.

Imagine, if you can, that Obama was a president who only escaped being removed from office via impeachment because his Democratic cronies in the Senate held a “trial” without witnesses, or documents, and who was facing multiple criminal fraud investigations back home in Illinois once he did leave office. Imagine Obama watching his political career go up in smoke as he faced an extremely uncertain future as the most unpopular president of all time, and deciding now was the time to delay the election, asserting a power and privilege that is expressly given to Congress.

And just imagine how, as he did it, Republicans would just go about their business. That’s right, Republicans wouldn’t care if Obama, or Bill Clinton, or worse yet, KILLARY CLINTSTONED, had she been elected, doing this same thing. They’d probably, in fact, give him a high-five.

The same party that investigated a terror attack that killed four Americans for almost five years wouldn’t care about a president acting like a lawless king. The same party that felt a burp or fart from Blacky McDemocrat’s mouth or asshole were direct assaults on American freedom would be totally nonplussed by him trying to keep Americans from voting, right? The same party that thought a tan suit and mustard on a hamburger were national scandals wouldn’t care about the tan suit wearing, mustard eating Muslim’s attempts to forestall an election, yeah?

All of this is probably much ado about nothing, anyway, right? It’s not like Trump’s spent the last four years absolutely shredding decorum, decency, and civil service just to feed his ego, right? It’s not like there’s a raging, out of control pandemic happening that has also caused the worst economic meltdown ever, right? He’s certainly never shown himself to be willing to do desperate, terrible things when cornered and scared, right?

Good luck, everyone!

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