Central Park 5 Take Out Full Page NYT Ad Demanding Trump’s Arrest

Five men falsely accused of a 1989 rape and assault of a jogger in New York’s Central Park, leading to each man serving anywhere between six and sixteen years in prison before being exonerated and freed, have taken out a full page ad in The New York Times. In the ad, “The Central Park 5,” as they have been referred to in the press, demanded that former President Donald J. Trump be immediately arrested in Florida, extradited to New York, and arraigned on charges he illegally paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

The ad demands “BRING BACK OUR POLICE,” and then spends several paragraphs explaining why Trump should be arrested and tried. The Central Park 5’s ad argues that Trump should be treated “just the same as everyone else who is accused of breaking the law gets treated.”

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Mr. Trump infamously took out his own ad during the Central Park 5’s criminal trial, demanding that they each be convicted and given the death penalty. Had that fate actually befallen them, each of the wrongfully convicted men would have been put to death. In their own ad, however, the Central Park 5 don’t argue for Trump to receive “any penalty that is more substantial or painful than the law allows.”

“Unlike the daughter-lusting ex-president, we don’t think the justice system should ever be weaponized unfairly. As victims of overly zealous and false prosecution ourselves, all we want is for Donald John Trump to face the same justice system we all had to face,” the ad’s fuller text reads. “Mr. Trump, we know how illiterate you and your base are, so hopefully someone can read this to you, so you understand it better.”

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