This Big Ol’ Impeached Pile of Whiny Bitch Couldn’t Even Win the Popular Vote Once In Two Tries!

Let’s play a little guessing game! Can you guess, from the hints we give you below, who this person is?

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HINT #1: He is the least-popularly elected president of all time!

HINT #2: He has the most votes cast against him of any presidential candidate of all time!

HINT #3: He is the only impeached president to seek reelection!

HINT #4: He is the first president to never win the popular vote in any campaign!

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HINT #5: He is the first president to openly lust after his own female offspring!

HINT #6: He is the first president to pay less in income taxes than a McDonald’s cashier!

HINT #7: He is the first president to never see his approval rating go over 50% his entire term!

HINT #8: He has done the most lines of Adderall of any president ever!

HINT #9: He is a chonk who had to pay a doctor to say he’s not a chonk.

HINT #10: He has a penis that is reportedly both gross and hilariously small.

HINT #11: He is the first American president since Jefferson Davis to have a Southern White House.

HINT #12: He is the first and only president to have expertise in bankrupting casinos.

HINT #13: Fuck this guy.

With all these hints, are you able to figure out who that man is? 

If you guessed “President Bitch Baby McGee,” you’re right, patriot!

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