Ford CEO: Trump Wore Angry, Spray-Tanned, Vagina Necked, Racist Orangutan Mask on Factory Floor

YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN — Jim Hackett, CEO of the Ford Motor Company, told reporters today during his visit to the Ford plant in Ypsilanti yesterday, President Donald Trump did, in fact, wear a mask. The mask the president wore, according to Hackett, though, was not an N95 respirator or even a standard cloth mask. Instead, Trump’s mask “looked much different” than any other mask Hackett had seen someone wear on the factory floor.

“I’ve seen a lot of reporting about the president’s visit to our facility that I don’t think is quite accurate,” Hackett told the press today. “First — while it’s true that he didn’t wear a cloth mask when he delivered his address, he did wear one for a short time during the tour the public didn’t see.”

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Although he only wore a cloth mask for a portion of his tour of the factory, President Trump “always had an additional mask on,” Hackett divulged.

“When he first approached the factory, I was pretty sure he was wearing one of those novelty poo emoji masks,” Hackett said, “but I quickly realized, he was actually wearing an angry, spray-tanned, vagina necked, racist orangutan mask. I couldn’t tell until he got close enough. In fact, I gotta give him credit for really embracing the part; he smelled like an orangutan, too.”

Questions about whether or not Trump would wear a mask swirled right up to when he took his tour of Ford’s factory. Trump had seemed reluctant to don a mask, even as his staff and administration officials did so. Reportedly, Trump feels it makes him look weak if he wears a mask.

“It was definitely going to be awkward and weird if he didn’t put on a mask, but between him wearing his racist orangutan mask and then putting that cloth mask on for a short time,” Hackett mused, “I think that’s as much as you could ever expect from our Sociopath in Chief, don’t you? Take the small victories where you can, I say.”

This morning at the White House, President Trump hosted a few business leaders in the Oval Office. He was asked about his tour of the Ypsilanti facilities, and about whether he felt wearing a mask made his job harder. Specifically, Trump was asked about his racist orangutan mask.

“You know, I don’t recall wearing that kind of mask, but the way you’re all talking about it, like if I did it’s a good thing,” Trump said, “makes me want to take credit for it. Not that I’m one to take credit for things I shouldn’t, of course. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we have to start planning to reopen my wonderful economy that Barack Black Guy Obama had nothing to do with ever.”

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