Weird: This Stupid Racist Doesn’t Want Black People’s Votes to Count

This man is Senator Josh Hawley. He’s a Republican, and he represents the State of Missouri in the United States Senate. Apparently, Sen. Hawley also has one more thing to add to his bio this week — he’s a stupid racist.

You see, in this country, people of color have enjoyed the right to vote since the establishment of the 13th and 14th Amendments. Known as the “Reconstruction Acts,” the Constitution’s amendments written and adopted after the Civil War are the country’s first and most important steps toward ensuring non-white Americans that their voice will count, despite what the Founders intended when they wrote the Constitution almost 250 years ago. Mr. Hawley, however, doesn’t feel like America should have to recognize black and brown Americans’ right to vote as universal though, and that’s why he’s decided that on January 6th, he’ll contest the Electoral College’s certified vote count that gave last month’s election to Joe Biden instead of Hawley’s pal, outgoing President Donald Trump.

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By blocking the certification of the Electoral College’s tallies, Hawley can’t stop Biden from becoming president. He can’t help Trump somehow cling to power. But he can, however, signal that Republicans just simply don’t trust the vote counts that are reported in large, urban centers in America. Those urban centers happen to have the majority of the non-white Americans living in them, and ergo Hawley is essentially telling everyone he cannot and will not believe who black and brown Americans tell him they voted for unless he can personally stand over their shoulder in the voting booth.

Isn’t it weird, to live in the United States in the modern age and still be a racist? Isn’t it odd to still want to make it harder for minorities to vote, simply because you’re convinced they won’t vote for your party, which does happen to coddle racists? It sure does seem odd to us that Sen. Hawley would cast so much doubt on the very same electoral processes that put him in office, simply because a lot more people decided to mail their votes in while surviving a pandemic.

Does what Josh Hawley is doing seem weird to you? Let us know in the comments, or by calling Hawley’s Senate office and asking him why he hates minorities so much.

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