Can You Guess How Many Terms Donald Trump Will Serve as President Based on These Four Clues?

How many terms will Donald Trump serve as president? Depending on who you ask, you might get a few different answers. For the 81+ million Americans who voted for Joe Biden, or the more than 250 million Americans who simply did not vote for Donald Trump, the answer is “one term.” However, for the 74 million cultists who believe that counting votes is tantamount to stealing an election, the answer becomes much more nuanced. Some feel he will get at least one more term, and others feel he may be president forever, until he hands off power to one of his offspring.

The question, remains, though, how many terms will Donald Trump serve as president? Believe it or not, this is actually a question that has a right and wrong answer! As we like to do around here, we decided to turn this into a fun game!

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So can you guess how many terms Donald Trump will serve as president, based on these four clues?

#1 Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Was Never Higher Than 48%

Granted, in a very largely divided country, it’s not very easy to get the support of much more than half the population, but Donald Trump will go down in history as the least popular president of all time. It doesn’t usually bode well for an additional term when you can’t expand your base, regardless of how many more millions of votes you get over your first outing.

#2 Donald Trump is the First Impeached President to Seek a Second Term

Maybe it’s not a big deal that Trump was impeached for trying to blackmail Ukraine. However, it seems at least somewhat plausible that a sizable portion of the American electorate, people whose votes Donald Trump would sure like to have, were very upset by watching the president try to openly cheat months before the election, and decided to vote him out of office later in the year, when they had the chance.

3 Donald Trump Would Have to Win the Election to Get a Second Term

There’s this pesky thing called “The Constitution.” And in that document, it makes it very clear that nobody can just be made president; they have to be elected. In order to be elected, you have to win an election. Ergo, if Donald Trump were really into the idea of a second term, he would have had to win last month’s election.

#4 Donald Trump Lost the 2020 Presidential Election

Not to give it all away, but we just weren’t sure if we’d dropped enough hints, or the right kind of hints, for you all to be able to make a good, educated guess. Now that you know for a fact that he lost, no matter how many court cases he loses in which he says something to the contrary, can you hazard a guess as to how many terms he’s going to serve?

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