Trump Jr. Texted Trump on January 6th Asking If His Dad Loves Him But Never Got a Response

Despite still resisting his congressional subpoena, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows did hand over reams of documents, emails, and text messages from January 6th, 2021. During that time, a pro-Trump mob of angry Americans stormed the capitol and attempted to halt the proceedings, which would have prevented Joe Biden from peacefully assuming power two weeks later.

The texts that Meadows received that day came from conservative media figures, politicians, and even the former president’s own son, Donald Trump Jr. The Junior Trump implored Meadows to have his father speak more forcefully to the insurrectionists and send them home. However, Meadows’ conversation with Trump Jr. also revealed that Trump’s son tried on multiple occasions that day to reach his father himself, via text message. Trump Jr. told Meadows he wanted to find out if his father loved him.

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Meadows never answered Trump Jr’s questions, and Trump Jr’s father never answered his texts.

“Mark! Can you please tell President Daddy to call off his mob? Also, if he has time, can he let me know if I’m still his least favorite Donald Trump, or if he loves me now? Really wanna find that out if I can, Mark,” Trump Jr’s text to Meadows begged for attention.

A source at FascComm, a cellular company used and preferred by the Trump administration, provided us with a transcript of some of the texts that Don Jr. sent his father that day. Below is a curated selection of those messages. None of them received any response from the former president, and none of them appear to have been actually read by him either. In fact, there are some indicators that the former president had alerts from his son muted on his Blackberry.

“Hey President Daddy! Hope Coup Day is a big success! Bigly even, LOL! Get it?! I used the same word you do! Anyway, any chance you love me yet?”

“President Daddy? I think maybe this was not a great idea after all. In fact, it doesn’t look like this coup is going as well as Trump Taj Mahal or Trump Steaks, so I think you should call the coup off, and we’ll just go live in Florida together, deal? Oh, NBD, but if you could let me know if you love me sometime soon, that would be super kick-ass, President Daddy!”

“Umm, President Daddy…don’t be mad, but I think you should probably just not do the whole coup thing after all. It looks, like, way more worser on TV than we all thought it would. So, please, I’m begging you, President Daddy, call it off! Also, hey, no rush, but about that whole you loving me thing?”

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