Rittenhouse Fires Attorneys, Says Judge is Doing ‘Good Enough Job’ Without Them

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- In a stunning turn of events, accused double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse has fired his defense attorneys, just hours before closing arguments were set to begin. In a written statement, Rittenhouse explained his reasoning. "I would like to...

Report: FBI Investigating Whether Trump Spent $3 Million in Wisconsin Buying Votes

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The FBI has opened a new investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign illegally tried to buy votes in Wisconsin, in the weeks after former Vice President Joe Biden won a tightly contested presidential election....

Pro-Life Supreme Court Justices Rule ‘Not So Much’ When It Comes to Wisconsin Voters

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In a 5-4 decision split down ideological lines, the United States Supreme Court issued an exceedingly rare "Not So Much" ruling yesterday. The order from the high court rules that Wisconsin's governor cannot delay the state's...

Georgia Democrats Mull Law Moving All Abortion Clinics Into Gun Shops

Democrats in Wisconsin are considering a bill that would move all its state's abortion providers into the gun stores, ammo shops and ranges within the Cheese State.

Wisconsin Republican Wants Food Stamp Recipients’ Stomachs Pumped

LAKE TETE DE PÉNIS, WISCONSIN -- Republican Rep. Tom Thompaulsen is very concerned about what's happening with food stamp recipients in his home state of Wisconsin. Thompaulsen is so concerned about Republicans in his state pushing forward with a plan...

Residents of Wisconsin Asked to Choose Respectful Halloween Costumes

MADISON, WISCONSIN  -- As pumpkins are carved, lanterns are lit and children showed videos of screaming dental patients in an attempt to get them to eat less candy today, residents of the mid western state of Wisconsin are being...

Wisconsin Welfare Recipient Offers to ‘Drug Test All Over’ Scott Walker’s ‘Smug F***Ing Face’

One man is incensed at Scott Walker for pushing to congress to let states drug test welfare recipients

Scott Walker Declares All Wisconsin Testicles ‘Protected Land’ In New Anti-Abortion Move

Will Wisconsin sperm and eggs sleep safer thanks to Governor Scott Walker (R-Wi)?

Gov. Scott Walker: ‘Obviously, I Couldn’t Care Less About Rape and Incest Victims, Doy!’

HIDDEN GLEN, IOWA -- In 2012 a term emerged from America's left side of the political spectrum for what they deemed the extreme, anti-feminine agenda being pushed the country's Republicans in power. The "War on Women" took center stage...

Wisconsin Republicans Debate Law Forbidding Poor People From Smiling, Enjoying Life At All

A Wisconsin law could severely limit the activities of the state's poorest citizens.
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How did this end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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