Conway and Spicer Desperately Trying to Reach Michael Flynn Via the Microwave Network

The Bannon/Trump White House is so desperate to get through to Michael Flynn that they are resorting to unconventional communication mediums.

Shortly After Signing Order Declaring All Truth ‘Relative,’ Trump Makes Inappropriate Sexual Comment About It

The truth. Donald Trump doesn't use it. Doesn't know much about it, really. But he does know he absolutely wants to sleep with it now.

Trump’s Wiretapp Flapp Inspires Him To Demand New Tinfoil Curtains For Entire West Wing

All the hub-bub over his accusations that President Obama ordered an illegal wiretap on him has given Trump a new idea for White House decoration.

Sean Spicer’s Head Literally Explodes During White House Press Briefing

Tough questions make Sean Spicer's head explode at a recent White House press briefing, when questions of wiretapping were brought up.

Sean Hannity Will Stop Defending Trump When He Finishes Sucking The President’s Dick

Fox News host and Donald acolyte Sean Hannity will stop defending the co-president as soon as he and Trump finish what they're doing at the moment.
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