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Gosar’s Next Fundraiser Will Be Black Tie, Hoods Optional

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Rep. Paul Gosar (Nazi-AZ) will be participating in a fundraising event, held by known white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his America First SuperPAC this weekend. Mr. Fuentes is a devout, pro-MAGA conservative and Holocaust denier. It's going...

Redskins Rename Themselves to Honor Those Offended by Team’s Name Change

After almost nine decades using it, the nickname of the NFL team based in the nation's capital will change permanently, sometime soon. MORE: CDC Study Shows Wearing a Mask Reduces Spreading Selfish Douchebaggery by 100% According to team officials, the Washington...

Trump Promises Entire Capital Will Be Converted To Renewable White Power

President-Elect Trump's plan to tackle climate change includes a return to using renewable white power in the nation's capital.

Chamber of Commerce: White Sheet Sales Up 72% Since January 2017

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday that retailers across the country are reporting a 72% increase in white sheet sales. "It's the damndest thing," Roger Jefferson told reporters in a bi-monthly call the Chamber holds with news outlets,...

Tucker Carlson: “It’s Not Racist If I Call Them The N-Word In My Head”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Right-wing pundit and Fox News lead white supremacy anchor Tucker Carlson told a talk radio host this morning that he's "sick and tired" of being called a white supremacist "just because racist words come...

White House Experienced Temporary Loss of White Power During Trump’s Helsinki Backpedal

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBwIX4ypQjM WASHINGTON, D.C. -- During yesterday's quickly assembled meeting at the White House, President Trump backpedaled on statements he made at a joint press conference with Russian President, and his employer, Vladimir Putin just a day prior.  There was also a...

President Trump Pledges To Convert Entire Capital To Renewable White Power

SINGAPORE -- Hours before meeting for a historic summit between himself and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump has announced a "key plan" his administration has put together which they say they represents their agenda on...

Man Dressed Head-to-Toe in Confederate Flags Worried Removing Statues Erases History

Clem O'Connell is a right-wing podcaster who thinks he sees an attempt to erase history, and his confederate flags aren't helping to ease his worries.

KKK Plans Torchlight “Get Well Soon” Tribute and March for Steve Scalise

A local MS KKK chapter plans to pay honor to fellow white supremacist and injured Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) with a torchlight rally.

Illinois Nazi Party Concerned They ‘Backed A Total Loser’

The Prarie State's Nazi Party is getting cold feet about Donald Trump.
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