white privilege

Pro-Life Republican Can’t Wait to Get His Picture Taken With Double Murderer

SHITDICK FLATS, ILLINOIS -- 42 year old non-union, out of work carpenter Marcus Palumbozo uses three terms to describe his views and opinions. "Pro-life, Pro-God, Anti-Commie. That's it. You could boil down my entire essence into those three things, no...

White Guy Annoyed Black Community Won’t Listen To His Advice About Problems He Says They Don’t Have

PAS D'EMPATHIE, CONNECTICUT -- Matthew Palumbozo is 26, white, and extremely confident he knows how to solve every problem facing the African-American community, if only they'd listen to him. "First of all," Palumbozo sounded off in a recent YouTube rant,...

Trump Supporter: America is Terrible and Kaepernick Should Honor America Because It’s Perfect

One conservative man's outrage over Colin Kaepernick not standing for the National Anthem.

Woman Dials 911 Because Black WalMart Customer Service Rep Wouldn’t Accept Her Return

//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); RIO PRIVILEGIO BLANCO, CALIFORNIA -- Susan Tompkins is not racist, and she really takes exception to the fact that outside the gated community nestled within the affluent neighborhood in a suburb of Los Angeles she...

White Privilege, Pssshawww (Video)

Does White Privilege exist? The Clueless White Guy has some thoughts.
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How didĀ thisĀ end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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