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Trump Promises Entire Capital Will Be Converted To Renewable White Power

President-Elect Trump's plan to tackle climate change includes a return to using renewable white power in the nation's capital.

Trump Campaign Manager Promises His Boss Will ‘Keep America on the White Track’

CHANCHO BANCHO CANYON, ARIZONA -- As he prepares the Donald Trump 2020 machine in Arizona -- a state that has lost one of its Republican Senators since his boss took office -- campaign manager Brad Parscale was seen coming...

Outgoing DHS Secretary Nielsen Making One Last Run to Petco for Dog/Migrant Child Crates

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Over the weekend, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced she was leaving the Trump administration. Secretary Nielsen took to Twitter, however, to further announce that she would be staying on as DHS Secretary until...

Alt-Right Trump Supporter Wonders ‘When Do We Get A White Panther Movie?’

COLD CAVE HILLS, TENNESSEE -- This weekend, semi-popular alt-right commentator and YouTube content producer Jethro Bohiggins took a break from his routine backyard weekend paramilitary exercises and took his wife to see the new Marvel action film, Black Panther. The film...

Trump: I’ve Never Heard of Hitler and Need to Research the Holocaust Before I Judge It

Donald Trump isn't sure if he's heard of the most notorious maniac in history.
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Sinema Congratulates Fellow Dems on Senate Majority She Will Work with GOP to Thwart

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Perhaps nobody is as excited that her fellow Democrats will hold the Senate majority for the...
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