White House Press Secretary

Trump to Pay Tribute to Sean Spicer, Dedicate Bushes in Front of White House to Him

Sean Spicer has resigned his post as the Trump administration's press secretary, but the White House plans to honor his brief tenure and service anyway.

Sean Spicer To Be Replaced With ‘More Personable Hound Dog Sitting On A Dried-Up Cactus In An Ill-Fitting Suit’

Could White House Press Secetary Sean Spicer be in need of a resume brush-up? And will a hound dog in a suit sitting on a cactus replace him?

Sean Spicer To Start Using Hooked On Phonics Before Every Press Briefing

A new phonics program has been acquired by the Bannon administration to help Sean Spicer get over his tendency to trip over easy words.
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