Wayne LaPierre

Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #359 – Christmas Eve Edition

A festive, holiday-inspired rundown of Obama's Gun Confiscation count.

Wayne LaPierre Leaves His Wife for His Trusty Rifle

Wayne LaPierre is moving on after years of marriage.

Wayne LaPierre Wants 10 Gun Limit For Suspected Terrorists

NRA exec Wayne LaPierre unveils his group's new proposal for suspected terrorists and firearms.

Wayne LaPierre: My Bank Account Needs You to Protect It With Guns

Wayne LaPierre's bank account is vulnerable, and only you guns can protect it!

Wayne LaPierre Calculating Body Count Needed to Do Something About Access to Guns

Wayne LaPierre, executive VP of the NRA, is working his calculator to the bone figuring how many people have to die before anything can be done about guns.

NRA VP Wayne LaPierre’s Statement on Louisiana Theater Shooting

NRA Executive VP Wayne LaPierre has some thoughts on the Lafayette shooting.

Obama Gun Confiscation Count: Week #411

How many of America's firearms did Obama take away this week? Find out here!

Wayne LaPierre’s Lost Love Poem To His Guns

A poem written by Wayne LaPierre for the love of his life.
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