War on Christmas

Jesus Christ Doesn’t ‘Have Any Fucks to Give’ About the Fox News Christmas Tree

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, ETERNITY -- This week, Conservative America has been highly focused on what is being described in certain circles as the most egregious attacks in the left's long-running war on Christmas in quite some time, if not...

Starbucks Rolls Out Hanukkah, Kwanza, Church of Satan Holiday Cups

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Coffee purveyor Starbucks announced three new holiday cups will start making their way to stores this week. During the presser, Starbucks acknowledged the outrage among some evangelical Christians display on an annual basis, each time Starbucks' holiday...

Trump Signs Executive Order Requiring All Holiday Greetings Replaced With “Merry Christmas”

This week, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that he says will "ensure the dominance of Christmas for generations to come." "Folks, we've had a really tremendous, bigly tremendous most would say, year. We've had so many victories, so...

CDC Reports 65% Fewer “Happy Holidays” Related Heart Attacks This Christmas Weekend

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump declared victory for the forces of Merry Christmas in the decades-long War on Christmas this past weekend. In a tweet, Trump took credit for "leading the charge" and making it acceptable to use the...

Governor of Puerto Rico Not Sure Citizens Can Eat Merry Christmas or Use It For Shelter, Power

"I don't think anyone saying Happy Holidays will do anywhere near the same damage as the hurricane."

Bill O’Reilly Offers To Give Megyn Kelly A Goodbye Grope ‘In Honor Of Roger Ailes’

Fox host Bill O'Reilly really wanted to send Megyn Kelly off to NBC in a way that their former boss would truly appreciate.

Christian Man Refuses To Put Quarter In Homeless Man’s Starbucks “Holiday” Cup

A Starbucks holiday cup puts a kibosh on one man's charitable spirit.

Daesh Takes Credit for War on Christmas

Terrorist group Daesh has taken responsibility for all victories in the "War on Christmas."

Man Sees Image of Jesus in 7-Eleven Holiday Cup

As the furor over the Starbucks Holiday Cup Crisis rages on, one man has found solace, and a little spiritual inspiration with another coffee purveyor.

A Report from the Front Lines of the War on Christmas

We sent our top reporter to the front line of the War on Christmas to get the down and dirty on how the plot to erase Christianity from America by way of a winter holiday is going.
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