He Owns the Libs by Refusing to Wear a Seatbelt or Get Covid Vaccine

"It just makes me feel good to do dumb shit to trigger people smarter than me." LAKE STUPID, FLORIDA -- In a new op-ed featured on the website American Delusions of Greatness, local idiot Pete D'Ooshbagg declared "war on hysterical liberal tyranny"...

Trump Hires Dr. Jenny McCarthy As White House Special Counsel On Alternative Facts

When it comes to administering alternative facts, perhaps no one alive today is as convincing as Dr. Jenny McCarthy, now on Team Trump.

Anti-Vaxxer Outraged Mark Zuckerberg and His Wife ‘Listened to Common Sense and Science’

One man is incensed at Mark Zuckerberg for protecting his daughter against life-threatening disease.

Report: Texas Republicans Want to Draft Anti-ObamaVaxx Bill

Are Texas Republicans going to force their state to take a stand against Obama's mandatory vaccinations, even if they don't exist in reality?
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Experts Agree: Four Out of Five MAGAS Can’t Make Their Cousins Climax

Fascinating new data from the National Institute of Boner and Contraboner Research might be quite devastating for residents of...
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