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Republican Cancer Patient Tries to Pay His Chemo Bills With His Second Amendment Rights

When he was diagnosed with cancer and didn't have "communist" Obamacare subsidized health insurance, this man proposed a new bargain with the hospital.

After Obamacare Repeal Fails, Ted Cruz Says He’ll Have to Return to Killing ‘Zodiac Style Instead’

Senator Ted Cruz tells a church congregation he's got to go back to doing things the old school way, after the GOP can't repeal Obamacare.

Red State Republican Can’t Wait to ‘Stick it to the Libtards’ and Lose Her Health Insurance

This Tennessee woman simply does not care if she loses her health insurance as long as liberal Americans lose politically.

Local Republican Loves Trumpcare Because It’s A ‘Free Market Death Panel’

A small town Republican has fallen in love with Trumpcare because he sees it as free market eugenics.

God To Send His Son Back As “Refu-Jesus” To Teach Americans How To Be Christian Again

Just how Christian are American Christians? Apparently if you ask God or his son, the answer is, "Not effing very." The more you know.

Trump Proposes Calling Obamacare “Trumpcare” To Fix Healthcare Woes

Co-President Donald Trump's idea for fixing Obamacare might raise eyebrows, but it's almost sure to get his supporters behind the law.

Jason Chaffetz Asks Doctor If Friend’s Cancer Can Be Treated With An iPhone

Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah recently said that poor people may have to choose between an iPhone and their health insurance.

John Boehner: SCOTUS Should Do ‘The Right Thing and Kick Cancer Patients Off Their Insurance Over Semantics’

Rep. John Boehner says that Obamacare should be gutted by the Supreme Court because it's "the right thing."

“The Official Republican Obamacare Alternative” by Rep. Paul Ryan & Sen. Ted Cruz

Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz explain the Republican Obamacare alternative.
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