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Biden Informs January 6th Insurrectionist He Can Pardon Turkeys, Not Lemmings

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Stretching back several decades, the sitting U.S. President has pardoned at least one turkey before the Thanksgiving holiday. Although President Biden will continue that tradition this year, one American is especially disappointed about who the lucky...

Trump Will Only Pardon Turkey That Voted For Him

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning, President Donald Trump said that he would continue a long standing presidential Thanksgiving tradition, and "pardon" a turkey from its fate as dinner. However, Trump also said he was putting his own unique twist...

Turkey Passes On Trump’s Presidential Pardon

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- It's been a longstanding tradition in America for the sitting president to "pardon" a turkey in the week leading up to Thanksgiving. However, this year the condemned gobbler has issued a statement "passing" on a presidential...

Trump Will Only Pardon Turkey That Voted For Him

"There are at least 63 million turkeys to choose from in this country."
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