Trey Gowdy

House Republicans To Introduce Universal Background Check Bill For Porn Purchases

"Just put some dang ol' guns in your dang ol' stag films."

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wasted $7 Million In Taxpayer Money ‘Not Being Guilty Of Anything’

Gowdy characterized Hillary Clinton as "stubbornly not criminal or treacherous."

House Benghazi Report Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Second Gunman On Grassy Knoll

The Benghazi Report also reveals she was behind Jar Jar Binks.

Republicans Seethe as Obama’s Communist Assault on Economy Adds 215k New Jobs

America's free market capitalist economy took a barrage of socialist punches this month.

Hillary Clinton Literally Sharpening Her Claws in Preparation for Showdown With Trump

Hillary Clinton doesn't appear to be messing around when it comes to preparing for Trump.

Darrell Issa: Benghazi Movie Wouldn’t Have Flopped If They Had Me Write The Script

Darrell Issa is upset he wasn't given a chance to write the Benghazi movie's script, and he says that is why it flopped.

Trey Gowdy: Open Mindedness and Tolerance Don’t Deserve a Standing Ovation

Trey Gowdy hated Obama's last State of the Union because the president dared to imply we shouldn't be a country of racists.

GOP Congressman Wants to Investigate Connection Between Benghazi, Planned Parenthood

After voting to de-fund Planned Parenthood, one congressman thinks there might be a connection to it and Benghazi worth investigating.
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DeSantis Wants $6 Billion to Build Bonfire Pits at Every Florida Library

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (Q) wants the state's legislature to give his administration $6 billion in taxpayer funds so...
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