Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy Sure Does Wish Obama Had Been as ‘Concerned’ About Ukrainian Corruption as Trump

FORT DUMFUK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Former Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was one of Barack Obama's most ardent and dogged critics during his presidency. As chair of the House Oversight committee, Gowdy led more than one investigation into allegations of...

Doctors Unsure How Peter Strzok Got His Foot So Far Up Trey Gowdy’s Sphincter

[youtube] WASHINGTON, D.C. -- During a marathon, all-day hearing of the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and embattled FBI Agent Peter Strzok had several heated exchanges, but one in particular has gone viral and doctors...

Trey Gowdy Promises to Investigate Niger Until He Finds Connection to Hillary Clinton and Benghazi

I don't care how long it takes, we will find the truth about Niger and Hillary Clinton."

House Republicans Draft Articles of Un-peachment Against Hillary Clinton

The Republicans defeated Hillary Clinton in last year's election, but don't tell that to them. They're busy pretending she's president.

Krispy Kreme Signs Deal To Be Trey Gowdy’s Official Congressional Glazing Sponsor

Trey Gowdy sweats. Profusely. One doughnut retailers doesn't see disgustingness in his glazed face though; they see marketing opportunities.

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wasted $7 Million In Taxpayer Money ‘Not Being Guilty Of Anything’

Gowdy characterized Hillary Clinton as "stubbornly not criminal or treacherous."

House Benghazi Report Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Second Gunman On Grassy Knoll

The Benghazi Report also reveals she was behind Jar Jar Binks.
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