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GOP Rep: “We Need Two Separate FBIs For Democrats and Republicans”

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A freshman Republican congressman has floated a rather novel idea in an attempt to "spark bipartisan dialogue and ultimately reach a compromise" on an emerging issue that seems to be roiling the nation's capital. "What the Mueller...

Congressional Republican Cites Runaway Spending As Why Transgender And Poor Kids Should Suffer

One Republican in Congress has made an attempt to explain why his party made two huge moves that deeply impacted children this week.

Oklahoma Republicans Consider Banning History

Oklahoma, where the anti-academics come sweeping down the plain.

Man Who Still Believes Obama Is A Kenyan Socialist Dictator Ready For Democrats To ‘Get Over’ Trump

Clem O'Connell told his podcast audience over the weekend that people protesting Trump need to "get over it" like Republicans did with Obama.

Republican State Rep: ‘Get Over It, Democrats, Like We Republicans Always Do!’ (VIDEO)

One Republican believes that Democrats have been far, far too whiny after Trump was elected, and he wants them to behave like Republicans.

North Carolina Republican Proposes Genitalia Registration Service

A Republican in North Carolina has a new idea for transgender bathroom access.

Conservative Americans Wait Breathlessly for Word on Whether They Have to Stop Being Assholes Now

Does the federal government protecting gay marriage mean the end of an era for America's assholes?

The Republican Case for a 20-Week Abortion Ban (VIDEO)

One Republican explains why his party believes a 20-week abortion ban is the most important thing on the country's plate today.

Senate Republicans to White-Out Three-Fifths Compromise From Original Constitution

Not content to simply whitewash the Senate torture memo, are Senate Republicans really gearing up to make much bigger changes to the Constitution regarding slavery?

House Republicans Draft Bill to Retroactively Delete The Executive Branch From Constitution

Will House Republicans succeed in amending the government to delete the Executive branch?
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