Trump Tweets Sincere Condolences For Shooting At Columbine

"His base knows he's gonna shoot before aiming, or even really getting the gun out of its holster."

Jesus Christ to Americans: “Thoughts and Prayers Aren’t Made of Kevlar”

"They aren't going to stop anything, least of which being a high-speed projectile fired at terminal velocity."

Mexico Asks Trump to Pay for Northern Border Wall to Keep American Mass Shooters Out

"When the United States issues guns, it's not giving them to their best."

Obama Offers to Loan Jade Helm Commando Unit to Texas for Harvey Cleanup and Rescue Operations

In Texas, are they so desperate for help in the cleanup and rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey that they'd take it from Obama?

Ted Cruz To Propose Changing The Spelling of ‘Science’ to ‘J-E-S-U-S’

Ted Cruz is the new chair of the Senate committee that handles science and space research, policy and budgeting, and his proposed law will make quite the splash.

California Democrats Mull Law Allowing Texas Christians to Be Denied Adoptions

In response to an anti-LGBT adoption law being pushed through the Texas legislature, California Democrats propose their own adoption bill.

Texas Republican Invents Shrinking Ray to ‘Make Government So Small It Fits In Your Pee-Hole’

Republicans in Texas are enlisting science in the name of shrinking government.

Local Republican Proposes City-Wide Genital Registration Program

This Republican has a unique idea for calming down trans-bathroom panic.

Proud Gun Owner Mom in Tense Mexican Standoff With 3rd Grader

A woman and her young child are in a Mexican Standoff over snack time.
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