Tennessee Man Can’t Talk to New Bride About Their Florida Honeymoon While in Florida

This summer, while she waits to start her senior year of high school, 16-year-old Mary Lee will be taken to Florida so that she and her husband Andy, 38, can have their honeymoon. The Lees aren't married yet, not...

Tennessee Man Can’t Figure Out Why Black Friends Don’t Like His Confederate Flag Display

One man in Tennessee just can't figure out why his black friends wouldn't be stoked on his Confederate Flag display.

Atheist Tennessee Therapist Prepares to Deny Services to Religious Patients

One Tennessee is fighting conservatives in his state within his own therapy practice.

Trump Surrogate: Let’s Put the Refugees in Our FEMA Camps!

One Republican is defending another who suggested rounding up Syrian refugees. Where have we heard that before?

Syrian Refugee Wants To Dodge American Bullets For A Change

One Syrian refugee tells us why he wants to move to America.

Tennessee Democrats Mulling 48-Hour Wait Period for Erections

Tennessee's new abortion law requires a 48-hour waiting period after a woman consults her doctor. Will Dems in the state get their companion legislation through?

Tennessee Republican: ‘Bible Should Be Our Official Book, Jesus Christ Our Co-Governor’

Jerry Sexton is a Tennessee Republican with an interesting take on the Separation of Church and State.
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Op-Ed: Give Me Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics or Give Me Death!

The following editorial was submitted to this outlet by Dustin Pewpsin, a self-described "alpha male MAGA conservative." Mr. Pewpsin...
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