Trump Defends Abandoning Kurds Because They Didn’t Help The U.S. in Revolutionary War

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- To say that President Donald Trump's presidency is in peril would be an understatement.  The House of Representatives, under the control of Trump's opposing party, is in the midst of an impeachment inquiry. While the president may...

Poll: Majority Think President Trump Pulling Out 41 Years Too Late

A new snap poll, conducted by polling company We Poll You So Hard, indicates that the overwhelming majority of Americans don't have a problem with President Trump pulling out. They just wish he'd done it about 41 years sooner. This new...

Donald Trump Claims John Lennon Is His Favorite Band

Washington, D.C. -- On the heels of a tweet announcing that he's pulling US Troops out of Syria, the President Trump issues a follow-up tweet proclaiming that "John Lennon is my favorite band. The war is over if I...

Prospective Immigrant Shows Off Two English Words He Learned Just For Stephen Miller

This prospective Syrian immigrant doesn't speak a lot of English just yet, but he speaks just enough for his point to come shining through.

ISIS Wants President Trump to Help Them Write Their Own ‘Religious Extremist’ Executive Order

Terrorist group ISIS has seen President Donald Trump's "religious freedo"m order and they want to have his help writing their own.

Hitler Distances Himself From Sean Spicer’s Comments About Hitler

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said something about Hitler so stupid that Hitler himself is distancing himself from Spicer over it.

Defiant Trump Says He Doesn’t Have a Doctrine Because He’s Not Licensed to Practice Medicine

Without a license to practice medicine in any state, President Donald J. Trump is angry and confused why he keeps getting asked about his "doctrine."

Syrian Fetus Asks To Be Put In American Uterus So GOP Will Care About It Until It’s Born

A very young Syrian refugee wants out of its home country. But knows that America is weird right now, and it has a plan to get around that.

Rand Paul: Trump Getting Putin’s Permission for Syrian Airstrike ‘Close Enough’ For Him

Many Senate Republicans suddenly find themselves okay with Trump warning Vladimir Putin before asking them for permission to bomb Syria.

Syrian Child Glad Being Trapped Like a Rat in a Cage Helps Boost Donald Trump’s Approval Ratings

President Donald Trump has started bombing a country he doesn't want to allow refugees to come into the United States from.
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How didĀ thisĀ end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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