Statue of Liberty

Trump Rescinds Statue of Liberty Poem

In Trump's America, the Statue of Liberty isn't looking for huddled masses, unless they're white, Christian, and from European countries.

Trump Wants Statue of Liberty Torch Outfitted With Tear Gas Launcher

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Leading up to the 2018 mid-term election -- one that saw his party lose control of the House of Representatives in quite historic fashion -- President Trump ramped his rhetoric about a "caravan" of migrants coming...

Stephen Miller Reassures Trump Supporters He Puts His Nazi Uniform On ‘One Leg At A Time, Too’

Sure, Stephen Miller grew up with incredible white and wealth privilege, but that doesn't make him any different than run of the mill American Nazis.

Prospective Immigrant Shows Off Two English Words He Learned Just For Stephen Miller

This prospective Syrian immigrant doesn't speak a lot of English just yet, but he speaks just enough for his point to come shining through.

President Trump Orders The Statue of Liberty’s Torch Blown Out

To save money and discourage immigration, President Trump has ordered the torch carried by the Statue of Liberty blown out.

Scott Walker Wants to Replace Statue of Liberty Torch With Upraised Middle Finger

Walker will tell supporters that "imaginary, invisible lines in land masses" need to be protected in order to "guarantee that American exceptionocitization continues far into the future."
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Op-Ed: Give Me Hunter Biden’s Dick Pics or Give Me Death!

The following editorial was submitted to this outlet by Dustin Pewpsin, a self-described "alpha male MAGA conservative." Mr. Pewpsin...
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