State of the Union

Trumpers Outraged “Classless” Pelosi Ripped Up Pussy Grabbing, Nazi Defending Birther’s Speech

All across America, patriotic, tough, hard-as-nails, salt of the earth, bootstrap pulling, rugged individualist, conservative Pro-Trump pundits and voters are screeching and writhing, seething with anger. At the center of these no-nonsense, serious, stoic Americans' ire? Speaker of the...

Adderall Sponsoring Trump’s Next State of the Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- President Donald Trump has reportedly inked a deal with Shire US, Inc, who manufactures the drug Adderall. The terms of the deal have not been fully disclosed, however in exchange for an unspecified investment in the...

Trump Tells Secret Service to Investigate Pelosi’s ‘Threatening Sarcastic Clapping’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Last night, President Donald Trump gave the second State of the Union address of his presidency. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Trump repeatedly emphasized his case for a border wall, the funding for which has been the subject of rancorous...

We Obtained a Leaked Transcript of Trump’s State of the Union

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Through a completely unforeseen chain of events, this publication received a leaked draft of the speech President Donald Trump will deliver tonight, during his State of the Union address. Trump's second such address was delayed by the...

Trump Says President Of Guam Helped Him Write State Of The Union Address

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today President Trump told reporters in the Oval Office he wanted to "get out in front" of a possible controversy brewing over his State of the Union address, which he will give to a joint session...

5 Other Things Republicans Would Not Have Applauded or Stood For During the SOTU

Republicans hated the State of the Union speech with all its talk of not being treating people like crap and whatnot.

Facebook Libertarian: Obama’s SOTU Divided Us All By Bringing Up Things I Personally Don’t Like

Did you know Obama's SOTU was very divisive because he spoke about things that the majority of Americans want fixed?

Trey Gowdy: Open Mindedness and Tolerance Don’t Deserve a Standing Ovation

Trey Gowdy hated Obama's last State of the Union because the president dared to imply we shouldn't be a country of racists.

Paul Ryan Says He Practiced ‘Smug, Punchable’ Face for Weeks Before SOTU

Speaker Paul Ryan reportedly practiced his SOTU facial expressions or weeks.

The 3 Biggest Surprise Guests at Obama’s Last State of the Union

Obama's last State of the Union is sure to be historical, and some of the invited guests show just how important an event it is.
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Mark Meadows Signals Intent to Plead the Filth Before January 6th Committee

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, through his attorney, has made the House Select Committee investigating the...
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