Lazy Union Thug Willing To Take Several Rapidly Fired Bullets For Your Child

DE LEON FALLS, FLORIDA -- When she began teaching at De Leon Falls High School in the early 1990's, Joyce Zagby happily joined the teacher's union in her state. Joyce says she always felt it was her lifelong calling to...

Shooting Incident Survivor Admits Getting Shot ‘No Biggie’ Since He Didn’t Die

Can someone really claim to be a "shooting victim" if they were only shot, but not killed?

Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #355

Did Obama's Gun Confiscation claim your favorite firearm this week?

Obama’s Gun Confiscation Count: Week #349

Did Obama's gun confiscation threaten your gun in the wake of another mass shooting?
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Sinema Congratulates Fellow Dems on Senate Majority She Will Work with GOP to Thwart

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Perhaps nobody is as excited that her fellow Democrats will hold the Senate majority for the...
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