Tucker Carlson Offered Back-up Gig With Trump Administration

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- New audio of Fox News host Tucker Carlson's appearances on a shock jock's radio show from almost 10 years ago have surfaced, and could cause him quite a headache.  In a report from Media Matters, Carlson was outed...

5 Ways To Mansplain To Your Woman Why She Shouldn’t Accuse You Of Being Sexist And Make Dinner Instead

Doesn't it seem like some women are just going to accuse you of being sexist no matter how much you sit a woman down, speak slowly, and give physical cues that you're pretending to care what they think about...

Actual Pile of Human Excrement Offers to Be 2016 GOP Nominee

Can a new underdog emerge and challenge Donald Trump for the GOP nomination?
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George Santos Announces Kitara Ravache Will Handle His Committee Assignments

Congressman George Santos (Q-NY) has had a pretty rough start to his freshman year in the House of Representatives. Before...
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