Sergey Kislyak

Trump Suggests Jared Kushner ‘Go Old School’ and Use Tin Can and String to Reach Moscow

Jared Kushner might be in big, big trouble. But his father-in-law/the President of the United States may have a way to help him out of a jam.

Jeff Sessions: ‘White People Can’t Commit Perjury’

Lying or misleading Congress under oath is not perjury if you're white, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions...probably.

Krispy Kreme Signs Deal To Be Trey Gowdy’s Official Congressional Glazing Sponsor

Trey Gowdy sweats. Profusely. One doughnut retailers doesn't see disgustingness in his glazed face though; they see marketing opportunities.

Sen. John McCain, Lindsey Graham Threaten to Wag Their Fingers ‘Super Duper Hard’ At Trump This Time

McCain and Graham are not happy with how the president is behaving, and they're almost willing to do something real about it.

Trump: ‘When The President Does It, That Means It’s Not Obstruction of Justice or Treason’

Defending himself in relation to recent scandals, President Trump says a president cannot commit treason or obstruct justice.

President Hillary Clinton Divulges Secrets to Russians, Congressional Republicans Cool With It

In a closed door meeting with Russian envoys, President Hillary Clinton gave away intelligence but Republicans are really totes cool with it.

Vladimir Putin Sent Kislyak With Shortlist of James Comey’s Replacement for President Trump

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave two of his envoys a list for his bitch, President Donald Trump, to use as candidates to replace James Comey.
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George Santos Announces Kitara Ravache Will Handle His Committee Assignments

Congressman George Santos (Q-NY) has had a pretty rough start to his freshman year in the House of Representatives. Before...
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