Same-sex Marriage

Pope Francis Says Catholic Church Can Still Bless and Cover-Up Same-Sex Molestations

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN -- Pope Francis issued a statement this weekend barring priests in the Church from blessing same-sex marriages. He did, however, approve the continuation of the long-standing rule that same-sex molestations can be blessed and covered up. As NPR reported...

Atheist Alabama Judge to State’s Chief Justice: I Can’t Find God’s Signature on the Constitution

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has an interesting theory as to why he should get to keep gay people unmarried in his state, but one other Alabama judge disagrees.

Atheist Nevada Judge Orders Foster Child Removed from Mormon Family Home

Judge Scott Johansen in Utah has decided to remove a foster child from an LGBT couple's home, and one Nevada judge has a response.

Pope Francis and Kim Davis Meet, Discuss Bigotry and Baking Recipes

What happens when Pope Francis and Kim Davis meet? Bigotry collaborations and baking recipe swapping, of course.

Jesus Christ Denies Kim Davis’ Emergency Request for Miracle

Kim Davis has another emergency appeal -- this one to Jesus Hubert Christ -- denied.

Atheist Kentucky Clerk Cites ‘Deeply Held Irreligious Beliefs’ & Refuses to Marry Christians

One Kentucky clerk has decided to counter-protest Kim Davis, the county clerk still denying marriages to gay couples.

Ruined Traditional Marriage Count (Week #4)

Hide your wedding album! The gay marriage gestapo is on its way!

Atheist Texas Judge To Require All Christian Couples to Sign ‘Your God is Made-Up’ Document Before Getting Married

A Texas Judge's reaction to gay marriage has forced another Texas judge to fight fire with fire.

Ohio Judge Vows Not to Grant Divorce to ‘Any Straight A***oles’

An Ohio judge has decided to keep certain people from getting a divorce in his courtroom.

Dignity Buys Formerly Discriminated-Against Mississippi Gay Man Giant Mansion

Justice Clarence Thomas has some interesting ideas on dignity and discrimination, but one gay man in MS may actually agree with him.
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