Robert E Lee

Ghost of General Lee to Appear at 2022 CPAC This weekend, conservatives from all over America will meet in the one place they feel most comfortable that isn't a klan rally -- CPAC. As is ever the case, the list of invited speakers is quite head-turning and noteworthy. The...

Trump to Give Robert E. Lee Medal of Freedom

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hours after heaping praise on Confederate General Robert E. Lee, President Donald Trump said he'd be issuing a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom to Lee. Mr. Trump was put in the position to praise Lee because when...

John Kelly Wins White House Costume Contest for “Racist, Old, White History Revisionist Asshole” Costume

"Other than all those compromises, what compromises were ever reached on slavery?"

Statue of General Sherman Blows Up Statue of Robert E. Lee

A statue of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman has been seen in Georgia, blowing up a statue of his old nemesis, General Lee.

Trump Orders All Removed Confederate Monuments Replaced With Statues of Vladimir Putin

President Trump has ordered that any statues depicting figures from the Confederate effort in the Civil War be replaced immediately.

Trump Orders Statue of Confederate General Covfefe, Hero of Bowling Green, Be Left Intact

The president has issued an executive order protecting one statue erected in honor of a confederate general, and may issue more.

Trump Supporter Visits Germany and Wonders Aloud, “Where Are All The Hitler Statues?”

Tired of all the efforts to pull down Confederate statues, a Trump supporter goes to Germany for inspiration and is confused by what he doesn't see.

Trump: “I Like Generals Who Were Traitors and Lost”

It's easy to understand why Trump is okay with confederate monuments and statues, once you realize the kinds of generals/racists he likes.

Man Dressed Head-to-Toe in Confederate Flags Worried Removing Statues Erases History

Clem O'Connell is a right-wing podcaster who thinks he sees an attempt to erase history, and his confederate flags aren't helping to ease his worries.

Trump Is Shown Pictures of Hitler and Washington, Can’t Tell Them Apart

It's not just Confederate Generals like Stonewall Jackson or Robert E. Lee that Trump gets confused with George Washington.
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46th Smartest President Allowed Back on Facebook and Instagram

Citing their policy to be "open to humans of all intelligence levels," Meta has announced that they will lift...
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