Democrats Will Just Debate a Literal Sack of Shit in 2024

This week, the Republican National Committee officially ended its relationship with the commission that has run presidential debates for decades. Perhaps to the surprise of few who have paid attention to the right's complaints about presidential debates for quite...

RNC Declares Lincoln’s Assassination ‘Legitimate Political Discourse’

https://youtu.be/sdcidSyhLOE WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Republican National Committee might, as it turns out, have a slightly different definition of the words "legitimate," "political," and "discourse," than most of the English-speaking world. Last week, the RNC called the events of January 6th,...

RNC Quietly Removes “Supporting American Democracy” from Party Platform

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Republican National Committee has taken down the phrase "Supporting American Democracy" from their party's platform, published on their website. It's unclear when, exactly, the RNC decided to remove the phrase, but comparisons of the platform...

Donald Trump Still Doesn’t Love Donald Trump Jr.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Last night, President Donald Trump's son, his namesake at that, delivered a passionate speech to the American people, beseeching them to give his father one more term in the Oval Office. MORE: Cocaine to Officially Sponsor The...

RNC to Feature Pro-Trump Democrats Who Started the KKK

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- In a surprise development, the Republican National Convention, being held in Charlotte this week, will feature speeches from several pro-Trump Democrats. Adding to the intrigue and spectacle of the event, the pro-Trump Democrats will be...

Woman Has ‘No Fucking Clue Who This Scott Mayo Guy’ Speaking At The RNC Is

"Who the hell cares what D-List celebrities say about D-List reality-TV stars trying to become president?"

Reince Priebus Desperately Thumbing Through Rolodex for ‘More Preferable Loser’ Alternative to Trump

Reince Priebus is in a scramble to find an alternative to his two frontrunners.
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Sinema Congratulates Fellow Dems on Senate Majority She Will Work with GOP to Thwart

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Perhaps nobody is as excited that her fellow Democrats will hold the Senate majority for the...
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