Richard Nixon

Trump Crosses Outside Crosswalk And John Dowd, His Lawyer, Argues Presidents Can’t Jaywalk

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- John Dowd, personal lawyer to President Donald Trump, has seen his name recognition skyrocket in the last 72 hours, but perhaps not for reasons he'd like. Mr. Dowd became a household name when he, in an effort...

Trump: ‘When the President Stalks, Bullies, Harasses and Blackmails, It’s Not Illegal’

President Donald Trump's feud with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski rolls on. Now with allegations that the president used a tabloid to intimidate them.

Richard Nixon Sends His Articles of Impeachment to Paul Ryan ‘To Save Some Time’

Talks of impeachment may not be bubbling up on the GOP side of the aisle, but Dick Nixon thinks they should, and he's trying to speed the process up.

Trump: ‘When The President Does It, That Means It’s Not Obstruction of Justice or Treason’

Defending himself in relation to recent scandals, President Trump says a president cannot commit treason or obstruct justice.

Richard Nixon Seen Jacking Off Furiously as James Comey is Fired by Donald Trump

Richard Nixon didn't know you could just fire the FBI director like Trump just did to James Comey. That would've changed everything.

Nixon’s Ghost Jerks-It Vigorously To Story About Roger Ailes’ ‘Black Room’ Campaigns

The ghost of Nixon gets all hot and bothered by Roger Ailes' shenanigans.

5 Things We Wish Obama Would Say In His ISIS Address Tonight

We all know what Obama's going to say in his address about the growing threat of ISIS in his address to the nation, but what else could he say instead?
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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