Rex Tillerson

Tillerson Declines Trump’s IQ Test, Proposes Third Grade Spelling Bee Instead

President Trump has issued a challenge to his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to see whose IQ is bigliest and whose isn't-liest.

Tillerson Corrects the Record: ‘I Called Him an Incompetent, Batshit Crazy, Tiny Handed, Thin Orange Skinned, Miscreant and Moron’

Tensions between President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have reached a new high, and Tillerson wants the truth out there.

Trump Hoping Putin Will Give Him An ‘Extra-Special Pat On The Head’ For Tax Return Distraction

Trump is hoping the distraction brought about by Rachel Maddow over-hyping his 2005 tax returns will be noticed by his Russian lover.

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