Trump Surrogate: Let’s Put the Refugees in Our FEMA Camps!

One Republican is defending another who suggested rounding up Syrian refugees. Where have we heard that before?

Marco Rubio: Syrian Refugees Can Wear Special Patches to ‘Help Spot Them in a Crowd Better’

Does Marco Rubio think asking Syrian refugees to wear special patches will help national security?

Ben Carson: I Used To Be a Violent Jerk, Now I’m Just a Stupid One!

Ben Carson wants to remind everyone he's more dumb than violent now.

On His First Day as Speaker, Paul Ryan Has Promised To Do These Three Things

Paul Ryan sent his caucus a bullet-pointed list of three things he will get done in the first 24 hours he is Speaker of the House.

Trey Gowdy Goes On 11 Hour Fishing Trip, Comes Back With Fish Conspiracy Theories

When Trey Gowdy went back home to blow off steam after grilling Hillary Clinton for an entire day, he was met with a new set of challenges.

Trump to Offer Sarah Palin Secretary of ‘Educationizing’ Cabinet Position

Donald Trump may just have a special place in his administration for a certain half-term Alaskan governor.

County Republican: ‘I’m Not Racist, I Just Don’t Like or Trust Foreigners or Mexicans!’

"Does it make me racist to have an irrational fear of new people coming here?"

Has Anyone Seen Donald Trump’s REAL Hairline?

It's time that Donald Trump stop hiding and reveal his long-form hairline.

Rand Paul: ‘Universal Health Care Means Doctors Are Well-Paid Slaves!’

Rand Paul doesn't believe in Universal Health Care, partially because he has no clue what slavery is or was.

“Why God Chose Me To Be Your Next President” by Michael Huckabee

Official 2016 Republican candidate Mike Huckabee pens this essay on why he's the Chosen One.
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