Republican Primary

God Admits Telling Ted Cruz to Run for President a Practical Joke

Ted Cruz was the victim of a heavenly prank.

Republican Voter Admits He Feels ‘Stuck Between a Douche and Another Douche’

A Republican voter can't decide between his party's two top presidential candidates.

Real Zodiac Killer, Tired of Comparisons to Ted Cruz, Reveals Himself

The Zodiac Killer is tired of being compared to Ted Cruz.

Donald Trump Announces His VP Pick — Donald Trump

Donald Trump has a unique choice in mind for his VP, and his name is Donald Trump.

Lucifer ‘extremely pissed’ John Boehner compared Ted Cruz to Him

Not everyone was tickled with John Boehner's comparison of Ted Cruz to Satan.

Trump: ‘I’ll prove I’m not a misogynist and charm the bitch outta’ Megyn Kelly

When Donald Trump sits down with his next interview with Megyn Kelly, he says things will be different.

Cruz, Kasich Agree to Trade-Off Being ‘Sligthly More Palatable Diarrhea Sandwich’ to Trump

Ted Cruz and John Kasich sent a letter to voters over the weekend.

Report: Ted Cruz Had Victory Meal of Champagne and ‘Nasalcargot’ After WI Victory

Senator Ted Cruz celebrates his Wisconsin Primary victory in style.

CEO of Pet Food Company Endorses Paul Ryan for President

Charles Koch and this man want Paul Ryan to be the Republican nominee.
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