Republican nomination

Donald Trump Lists ‘F_ _king Your Mom’ as Only New Year’s Resolution

Donald Trump has a very short, not so sweet list of New Year's resolutions.

Mitt Romney: ‘I Know a Lot About Losing Elections, and Marco Rubio’s Got It!’

Marco Rubio gets a key endorsement from his party's last, most-successful loser.

GOP Worried That Morons They Courted For Eight Years Could Cost Them Election

The establishment wing of the GOP is shaking in their boots over the people who support Carson and Trump.

Republicans Worried Wrong A-Hole Is Fronting Their A-Hole Policies

Are Republicans freaking out about the wrong a-hole representing their a-hole policies?

Man Who Takes 36% Of Year Off Thinks Some Americans Don’t Work Hard Enough

Rand Paul is pretty sure if you're poorer than others it's because you don't work hard enough.

Marco Rubio: “My Economic Plan is Called ‘Do As I Say, Not As I do'”

Marco Rubio's embarrassing New York Times article may have given birth to his economic vision.

Rick Perry Gets In Line Expecting Sandwich, Winds-Up Running for President Too

Rick Perry was just looking for a bite to eat, but he decided to run for president while he was at it.

Ted Cruz: ‘I’m Running for President of Opposite America!’

Ted Cruz isn't running for President of the United States of America. Which country is he running to lead then?

5 Reasons Rand Paul Will Totally Be President One Day (VIDEO)

Here are 5 reasons Randy might as well start practicing the oath of office right now.
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46th Smartest President Allowed Back on Facebook and Instagram

Citing their policy to be "open to humans of all intelligence levels," Meta has announced that they will lift...
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