Republican debate

Republican Voter ‘Majorly Turned Off’ by Lack of Genital Talk, Booger Eating in Dem Debate

One Republican voter tells us why the lack of genital talk in the Dem Debate made it a total borefest.

Cruz, Rubio Both Claim to Have Finally ‘Out-Asshole’d Trump in Latest Debate

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz argue over who was a bigger a-hole than Donald Trump in the last debate.

Rubio Robot Engineers Program ‘Horrible Thoughts on Rape’ Into His Cerebral Matrix

Marco Rubio's rhetorical programming gets a fundie-approved update.

Engineers Frantically Adding Five New Talking Points to Marco Rubio’s Programming

Engineers work to cram Marco Rubio's brain full of more talking points.

Marco Rubio Admits He Requested Bigger Debate Podium to Hide His War Boner

Marco Rubio asked for a much larger podium for last night's debate for a very personal reason.

Donald Trump to Silently Masturbate to 1999-ish Pictures of His Hair During GOP Debate

Donald Trump announced via Twitter what he'll be doing during the debate.

Trump Bails On Next GOP Debate So He Can Miss Megyn Kelly’s ‘Ragtime Blues’

Donald Trump has a biological reason for skipping the next Fox News Republican debate.

Ted Cruz: I’m Running to be President of the Republican States of America

Ted Cruz explains his Texas values mean he doesn't give a crap about people he doesn't agree with.

Sad Libertarian Doesn’t Get Why His Unpopular Candidate With Unpopular Ideas Was Dropped From Debate

When Rand Paul was kicked off the adult debate stage, that was enough to enrage one libertarian Facebook admin to the point of screed writing.

Another Republican Debate Drinking Game

This Republican Debate Drinking Game is like none other, we promise you that.
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Donald Trump Finding Out

Well...shit. How didĀ thisĀ end up happening, anyway? Doesn't everyone indicting him understand the rules have never, and never will apply...
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