Ted Cruz Says Satan Is a Democrat, Satan Says Ted Cruz is a Demonic C**t

Ted Cruz gets a verbal smackdown from the Devil.

Area Atheist Doesn’t Want Any More ‘Damn Christian Terrorists’ Moving To Her City

One atheist woman in Wisconsin wants to welcome Syrian refugees into her state, no matter what her governor thinks.

Muslim American Wonders if Ben Carson Is Fit to Be Called ‘Not Dumb’

Ben Carson told Chuck Todd recently that he doesn't think Muslims should be president. One Muslim woman thinks that makes him "dumb."

Alabama Church to Open Nuclear Test Range Next to Sunday School Buildings

Once Rocky Mount Methodist Church put up a gun range, it wasn't going to be long before other churches tried to one-up them.

Franklin Graham ‘Bummed’ To Find Out His Mattress is Pro-LGBT Too

Even Franklin Graham's mattress has turned on him!

“My Name is Rick Santorum, and Here’s Why I Am Frothing to Be Your President”

Rick Santorum wants to be president really badly, and he even told us all why.

Nebraska Gay Man To Sue ‘All Nosy, Self-Righteous Relics Who Need to STFU and Leave Us Alone’

Has a counter-suit has been filed in Nebraska against the woman who has sued all homosexuals everywhere?

“Why God Chose Me To Be Your Next President” by Michael Huckabee

Official 2016 Republican candidate Mike Huckabee pens this essay on why he's the Chosen One.

Huckabee: ‘Criminalization Of Christianity is Coming. Just Ask Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Pat Robertson…’

Mike Huckabee thinks once the gays can get married, it'll be open season on religion in a country with a clause in its constitution expressly forbidding laws against religion.

Michele Bachmann: “Obama Brought On the Rapture, My IBS”

Besides the rapture, what else does Michele Bachmann blame Obama for?
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Ben Shapiro Shocked His Wife Has This In Common With Every Transgender Woman

"It turns out, I can't make any of their pussies wet either." - Ben Shapiro A shocked and visibly distraught...
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