Reince Priebus

Trump Signs Executive Order Making All His Future Bowling Scores 300s

In his latest executive order, President Trump wants to ensure his legacy as a premier bowler remains intact after he's left office.

Sean Spicer Hands Scaramucci Participation Trophy as He Exists White House Press Office

Outgoing communications director Anthony Scaramucci and former Press Secretary Sean Spicer shared a moment of commiseration.

Doctors: Priebus’ Mouth Will Stop Looking Like Trump’s Butthole Within Six Months

Former White House Chief of Staff and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has a rare illness but doctors estimate he'll be back to normal soon.

House Democrats Hire Ken Starr to Investigate Steve Bannon’s White House Blowjobs

New White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci made a rather bawdy and bold claim about Steve Bannon and Oval Office oral.

Trump’s Tweeting Fingers Shaking Uncontrollably While He Watches Comey Testimony

Reports from the White House indicate that President Trump is having tremendous difficulty keeping himself from tweeting while James Comey testifies.

Priebus Warns Trump His Tweets Can Be Read By Supreme Court Justices Too

President Trump may not quite understand how Twitter works. Then again he's still figuring out how the toilet works.

Report: Trump Could Nominate Frederick Douglass For FBI Director Post

President Donald Trump thinks way, way, way outside of most boxes on Earth. Replacing FBI Director James Comey will be another of those instances.

Second Lady Nudges Him Again, But President Trump Remains an ‘Orange, Tiny-Handed, Oligarchic Shit Bag Troll’

After seeing Second Lady Melania nudge President Trump to get him to do something, his staff hatches a plan to curb some of his behavior.

Forlorn President Trump Realizes He Hasn’t ‘Grabbed a Single Puss’ Since Being Sworn In

President Trump is finding out the hard way that even though he's the most powerful man in the free world, some things have changed forever.

Trump Upset President Bannon Won’t Put His Signed Executive Orders On White House Fridge

Co-Presidents Trump and Bannon recently had a tense but productive conversation about where signed executive orders can or should be displayed.
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