Illinois Nazis Re-Endorse Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump racks up another endorsement.

Syrian Fetus Asks To Be Put In American Uterus So GOP Will Care About It Until It’s Born

A very young Syrian refugee wants out of its home country. But knows that America is weird right now, and it has a plan to get around that.

God To Send His Son Back As “Refu-Jesus” To Teach Americans How To Be Christian Again

Just how Christian are American Christians? Apparently if you ask God or his son, the answer is, "Not effing very." The more you know.

Mobile Deportation Detention Centers To Be Installed Behind Traveling Trump Circus

In two cities, Trump and his sons announce two different things that are connected by a hot topic in the White House: deportation.

President Trump Signs Executive Order Officially Classifying U.S. As Alternative Christian Nation

Another day, another executive order written by President Donald J. Trump. This one is meant to ease tensions after signing a Muslim ban.

Syrian Child Hopes U.S. Carpet Bombs Match His Drapes

One Syrian child hopes the U.S. delivers nice carpet if they start bombing within his home country.

Ted Cruz Unsure If He Should Attack Mexican Immigrants or Syrian Refugees More

Ted Cruz is debating whether to stoke more fear over immigrants or refugees.

Heaven to Close Gates and Turn Away Xenophobic Americans

God and his son Jesus are not happy about some Americans' response to the Syrian refugee crisis.
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