1776 Commission Will Teach Kids Facts About America’s Totally Not Racist Past of Slavery, Genocide, Jim Crow, and Internment Camps

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Recently, President Donald Trump at Education Secretary Betsy Devos announced that the 1776 Commission was being formed to combat what they think is an anti-American bias in U.S. history classes. Trump, signing an executive order, announced...

Illinois Nazis Re-Endorse Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump racks up another endorsement.

Racist Old Man: “That Other Racist Old Man Isn’t Really That Racist”

A rich, racist old man on a cable news television show recently made quite a few heads scratch when he defended the record of another rich, racist old man who happens to be president. This racist old man on...

Klansmen Already Lined Up Around Supreme Court Building Wanting To Apply For Kennedy’s Seat

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Within moments of Justice Anthony Kennedy announcing his retirement at the end of July, there were dozens of klansmen lining up around the Supreme Court wanting to apply for his position, and several more have been...

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump Plan to Scare White House Trick-or-Treaters as ‘Pointy-Headed Ghosts’

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- This morning the Trump administration announced that First Sons Donald Jr. and Eric Trump will be participating in a new tradition at the White House for Halloween this year. The Trump sons will be waiting on...

Trump Demands Mexico Change Hurricane Jose Name to “Joe”

President Donald Trump sent a sternly worded telegram to the Mexican president demanding an immediate name change for Hurricane Jose.

Neo-Nazi Agrees With Trump: The Media Are The Worst People In America

Everyone knows that the media are the absolutely worst human beings on the planet. Just ask any neo-Nazi you find; they'll tell you.

Trump Is Shown Pictures of Hitler and Washington, Can’t Tell Them Apart

It's not just Confederate Generals like Stonewall Jackson or Robert E. Lee that Trump gets confused with George Washington.

Trump Boasts His “Face the Nation” Interview Got Higher Ratings Than Liberating Auschwitz Would

President Donald Trump believes his "Face the Nation" interview ratings prove he's more popular than liberating a Nazi death camp.

Trump Honors Jackie Robinson by Congratulating Himself for Breaking the Presidency’s “Orange Color Barrier”

On Jackie Robinson Day, President Donald Trump honors the civil rights and baseball icon in his own unique, narcissistic way.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

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