Emperor Palpatine Defends Attorney General Vader’s Use of Stormtroopers in Portland

CORUSCANT -- As protests mount throughout the galaxy, Emperor Sheev Palpatine has maintained a public tone of righteousness and self-assurance. The protests have begun to spring up on one planet in particular, Earth, in response to Palpatine's Attorney General...

DNC Announces New Strategy: Encouraging Trump Supporters to Protest Coronavirus Lockdowns

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Democratic National Committee announced today that it has formulated a new electoral strategy they hope will not only further expand their majority in the House of Representatives and bring them closer to a majority in...

Scott Walker Sorry About (The Media Covering) His Dumb Comments

Don't think Scott Walker doesn't feel about his comments comparing ISIS to Wisconsin protesters. He is very sorry...that the media covered it.

Scott Walker Says Protesters Are Like Nazis With AIDS Killing Puppies

Scott Walker has some interesting views on protesters and terrorists.
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46th Smartest President Allowed Back on Facebook and Instagram

Citing their policy to be "open to humans of all intelligence levels," Meta has announced that they will lift...
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