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American Farmer Coalition: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Uses So Much Fertilizer It Threatens Crops

The American Farmer Coalition has issued a dire forecast of the nation's crops, literally every one of them. "If Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders doesn't stop using so much fertilizer during her daily press briefings, we fear every crop in...

Scaramucci Tells Press He Saw Trump Fire Proton Torpedo Down Shaft Only Two Meters Wide

Anthony Scaramucci is the new White House Communications director, and he's already out in the streets, communicating things about his boss.

White House Promises More On-Camera Briefings Once They’re Not Beta Cucks Anymore

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says that once the administration gets tougher and grows a set, they'll start on-camera pressers again.

Spicer Cancels Press Briefings, Will Shout Talking Points From Inside Oval Office Instead

Sean Spicer and the White House have decided that on-camera press briefings are too challenging, and will just shout talking points from the Oval Office.

Sean Spicer To Start Using Hooked On Phonics Before Every Press Briefing

A new phonics program has been acquired by the Bannon administration to help Sean Spicer get over his tendency to trip over easy words.

Sean Spicer To Undergo Breakthrough Tongue Untying Surgery

Sean Spicer often has problems getting his words out during press briefings, but is all that about to change?
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Sinema and Gabbard Form The Desperate to Stay Relevant Party

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Less than twelve hours after announcing that she had left the Democratic Party, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema...
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