President Obama

NRA: Nation’s Guns Feeling ‘Confused and Upset’ Over Obama Executive Orders

Obama Executive Orders have a tendency to bring out the most rational of thought from right-wingers.

White House: Obama Worried ‘Not Enough Time Left’ To Confiscate All Guns

Just how long until Obama can give his order to confiscate all guns in America?

Obama’s Voting Proposal Outrages Another 12% of Americans Into Possibly Voting

A new poll shows President Obama's compulsory voting idea has inspired another 12% of Americans to maybe, possibly vote next time around.

5 Laws The Republicans Will Pass Next Year

We've got an exclusive look at the laws the GOP will be pass when they take control of the Senate next year.
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Tennessee Man Cleans Up Quickly After Spanking It to Avoid Charges of Attempted Murder

It's not that he would lie around, languishing in the self-extracted afterglow. But now that it seems like the...
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