Pope Francis

Pope Francis Says Catholic Church Can Still Bless and Cover-Up Same-Sex Molestations

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN -- Pope Francis issued a statement this weekend barring priests in the Church from blessing same-sex marriages. He did, however, approve the continuation of the long-standing rule that same-sex molestations can be blessed and covered up. As NPR reported...

Pope Francis and Kim Davis Meet, Discuss Bigotry and Baking Recipes

What happens when Pope Francis and Kim Davis meet? Bigotry collaborations and baking recipe swapping, of course.

Jealous Putin Invites Vice-Pope to Kremlin For Karaoke

Vlad Putin doesn't like that Pope Francis visited the U.S. first, but he has an almost as good visitor coming to his country soon.

Pope Francis Shows Liberal Side By Saying Women Can Be Forgiven For Making Their Own Decisions

Pope Francis says women who take control of their own bodies can be forgiven for that for that now.

FLASH: Even Head Guy Who Believes in Virgin Birth Knows Climate Change Is Real

Pope Francis is making waves by insisting to his flock that they actually read what the Bible has to say about taking care of the planet.

Pope Francis: ‘Dick Santorum Should Leave Christianity to the Christians’

Pope Francis fires a salvo at Rick Santorum in the latest episode of their feud over climate change,

Rick Santorum Wants Oscar the Grouch To Stop Commenting on Garbage

Rick Santorum has a message for another celebrity he wants to pipe down on the talking about the environment and the what-not.

Man With Extensive Hat Collection Who Chose Life Without Kids Shames Others for Not Having Kids

Pope Frank says not having kids is a selfish choice. He'd know. He has no kids.
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