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Fauci Gives Jordan Proctologist Referral So His Head Can Be Safely Pulled Out

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Despite clashing earlier during a congressional hearing, Dr. Anthony Fauci has reportedly given a referral to Rep. Jim Jordan (Q-Gym Showers) so he can see a proctologist and "have his head fully and completely removed." "I noticed...

Robert T. Antifa is Tired of Liberals Calling His Very Real Organization ‘Just an Idea’

"I don't see Unicorn Farts or Loch Ness Monster Holdings, or the Catholic Church being treated with such disdain and fear."
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Conservative Economist Predicts Inflation Will Fall 200% If Everyone Sees Hunter Biden’s Dick

When the Republican Party secured control of the House of Representatives in last year's midterm election, they promised the...
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